Term of Use

Concepts used in the contract
Buyer physical or legal entities over the age of 21 who have accepted the offer in accordance with the terms of this offer.
Seller « IPmobile »:
Goods any product and goods sold on www.ipmobile.am by a physical or legal person who has accepted the offer.
Deliveryman a person authorized by IPmobile, who delivers the ordered goods to the Buyer at the address indicated by him in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.
Order by any physical or legal person www. In case of purchasing any product presented for sale on ipmobile.am website, demand to deliver it to the Buyer.
Supply In case of purchase of any product offered for sale by any natural or legal person on www.ipmobile.am, the process of delivery to the Buyer through the person authorized by the Seller.
1. General provisions
1.1 « IPmobile » welcomes you to www.ipmobile.am and offers you to get acquainted with the following conditions and rules before buying a product.
1.2 In www.ipmobile.am IPmobile (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) presents the products sold by it on the website, which is a public offer addressed to all natural and legal persons who have the right to conclude a purchase and sale contract with the Seller under the terms defined in this offer. The contract concluded by the Buyer on the basis of this offer agreement is a connection contract, to which the Buyer joins without any exceptions or objections.
1.3 The execution of the order for the purchase of the Product by the Buyer, both independently and by the Seller, is an undeniable fact of acceptance of the terms of this contract. The Buyer who confirms the purchase order of the goods is considered a person who has entered into a business relationship with the seller in accordance with the provisions of this contract.
1.4 In the absence of goods or merchandise delivered to the Seller, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the Buyer’s order in whole or in part, of which the Seller shall notify the Buyer of the latter’s e-mail address when confirming the order or by telephone or any other telecommunications link possibility.
2. Contract Subject
2.1 The Seller transfers based on the order registered on www.ipmobile.am, and after confirming the order, the Buyer pays and receives the ordered Product, according to this contract.
2.2 The price of the product is set by the Seller unilaterally, previously published on the website www.ipmobile.am, in the prescribed manner and is set in the Republic of Armenia AMD, which expresses the value of one unit of the product – the price.
2.3 The seller has the right to change the price of the offered goods at any time without notice.
2.4 The price of the product is paid by the Buyer in full (100%) and one-time, both in cash and non-cash, by transferring to the Seller’s bank account. The Buyer must inform the Seller in advance about his choice of payment type when making a purchase on www.ipmobile.am before confirming the order.
2.4.1 Cash payment option In case of cash payment by the Buyer, the cash payment is made at the moment of transferring the goods to the Buyer through our courier. The fact of payment for the product is confirmed by the receipt issued by the shipper to the Buyer. The seller urges you to keep the payment receipt.
2.4.2 Non-cash payment option In case of non-cash payment, the Buyer must indicate the purpose of the transfer on www.ipmobile.am and the product for which the payment was made.
3. Delivery time and Delivery-acceptance procedure
3.1 The goods are delivered to the Buyer between the parties within a pre-defined period. The buyer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the address of the place of delivery of the goods.
3.2 The delivery date is the date registered in the delivery-acceptance act. The seller’s obligations to the Buyer are deemed to have been fulfilled in full when the ordered goods are delivered to the Buyer. Delivery is made by couriers, on working days, every day, from 10:00 to 22:00, in the city of Gyumri, and in case the Buyer is outside the city of Gyumri, the delivery can be established by mutual agreement of the Seller and the Buyer other dates. In any case, the terms of delivery, including the exact day Supplier place of delivery, before the delivery of the product is determined by mutual agreement of the Seller and the Buyer through any type of communication.
3.3 The seller delivers the goods only in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The seller does not deliver the goods in prisons, military units, metro stations, or other similar public places.
3.4 The Seller shall not be liable for non-delivery of the goods within the specified period for delivery if they have arisen through the fault of the Buyer, that is incorrectly specified delivery address, if not located at the specified address, as well as under circumstances beyond the Seller’s will, such as natural In cases of disaster, accident or other insurmountable force.
3.5 The Buyer’s ownership of the ordered product begins after the actual payment of the price for the product after the acceptance-delivery act is signed by the Buyer. From the moment the seller delivers the product to the Buyer, all risks related to the product are borne by the Buyer.
3.6 From the moment of receiving the product, the Buyer is obliged to open the packaged product in the presence of the shipper check the integrity of the goods completeness to make sure the goods meets the ordered range է brand new and harmless. After performing the mentioned actions, by signing the acceptance-delivery act, the Buyer agrees without preconditions and Accepts that the delivered product is the right product ordered by him, it corresponds to his chosen range, quantity, complete, harmless, completely new, ie used does not fully correspond to the description mentioned on www.ipmobile.am.
3.7 Upon receipt of the ordered goods or merchandise, the Buyer is required to provide the Shipper with an identification document to identify the Buyer. If the Buyer refuses to provide identification, the shipper has the right not to deliver this product to the Buyer.
4.1 Rights and responsibilities of the parties
The seller is obligated
4.1.1 From the moment of concluding this contract, fulfill the obligations assumed towards the Buyer in accordance with this contract, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
4.1.2 In the event of a change in the delivery time of the ordered goods, the Seller shall notify the Buyer as soon as possible of the complete or partial change in the terms of delivery of the order in order to obtain the latter’s oral or written consent to the changed terms. The Seller communicates with the Buyer by telephone or e-mail.
The seller has a right
4.2.1 Unilaterally change the provisions of this contract at any time, including the price of the product, the types and terms of payment, the delivery of the product. All changes take effect from the moment they are posted on the Website; the fact that these changes are posted is proof that the Buyer has been notified of the changes in advance.
4.2.2 Do not accept complaints about the quality of the product if the product appearance, storage conditions, consumer characteristics have not been preserved or in case the product defects have occurred due to the buyer’s negligence or violation of the product operating conditions set by the manufacturer or if any defects have occurred on the product due to external influences.
4.2.3 Do not deliver the ordered product or demand the already delivered product from the Buyer if the price set for it has not been paid or has been paid incompletely. The buyer is obliged
4.3.1 Before concluding the Contract, get acquainted in detail with the content of this Contract, the terms defined by it, as well as the prices set for the goods sold on www.ipmobile.am.
4.3.2 When making a purchase from the Seller, the Buyer is obliged to present his / her identity document to the Seller or the Seller who is an employee of the Seller, as well as to provide a clear, correct address for the delivery of the ordered goods only within the borders of the Republic of Armenia.
4.3.3 Pay the price indicated for the ordered product on www.ipmobile.am according to the terms of this contract.
4.3.4 Sign the acceptance-delivery act upon receipt of the ordered product.
5. Refund of money paid for the product
5.1 In case of a dispute between the Parties over the refund of the amount paid for the goods, the Parties shall be governed by this Contract, the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, the Law of the Republic of Armenia on Protection of Consumers’ Rights, Government Decision N 140 of February 18, 2002. regulate the legal relationship between the Buyer and the Seller.
5.2 In any case, the Seller may refuse to return the product purchased by the Buyer, refuse to exchange and, therefore, not return the amount paid for the purchased product and not accept the returned product if the appearance of the product, consumer properties or if the product is presented in a damaged condition, in resulting in the product being broken. In this case, the product must be new, the product must have protective membranes, there must be no traces of use, both in appearance and content; information or files that appear in the product as a result of operation or use. At the same time, the product packaging must be harmless. The provisions of this paragraph apply to items contained in a product or set of goods.
5.3 The Buyer submits its requirements to the Seller in writing, to which a written response is given as soon as possible within business days. Moreover, the Buyer’s claims will be subject to consideration if the Buyer submits a document confirming the fact of purchasing the product from the Seller – a payment receipt.
6. Dispute resolution procedure
6.1 In the event of a dispute between the parties, the dispute shall be settled by negotiation, and in cases where the dispute is not resolved as a result of the negotiations, the Parties may apply to the court to settle the dispute. The settlement of disputes will be handed over to the courts operating in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.
7. Force majeure or force majeure effect
7.1 Failure to comply fully or in part with the obligations under this Contract shall be released from liability if it has been the result of force majeure resulting from the conclusion of a contract which the Parties could not have foreseen or prevented. Such situations are: earthquake, flood, war, declaration of martial law or state of emergency, cessation of communication, acts of state bodies, etc., which make it impossible to fulfill the obligations under the contract. If the effect of force majeure continues for more than 3 (three) months, then each Party has the right to terminate the contract by notifying the other party in writing in advance.
8. Privacy and protection of personal data
8.1 In www.ipmobile.am when placing an order on the website, the Buyer provides the following information about himself: name, surname, patronymic, telephone number, e-mail address, registration address, actual residence address (if the registration address is different from the residence address), where the ordered product should be delivered.
8.2 The Seller uses the information received from the Buyer to fulfill its obligations to the Buyer.
8.3 The Seller undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Buyer, except as provided by law under this Contract. The Seller may transmit such information to agents and third parties acting under a contract with the Seller in order to fulfill its obligations to the Buyer, for which the Buyer hereby gives his unconditional consent.
8.4 By accepting this offer, the Buyer gives its permission and consent to “IPmobile” to process its personal data, including name, surname, patronymic, all provided addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, to collect personal data, in the system , accumulation, storage, adjustment (update, modification), use, destruction, as well as transfer them to sub-agents for further processing, including personal data collection, system, accumulation, storage, including personal data collection, system, accumulation, storage, specification (update, modify), use, destruction to conduct research to improve the quality of service, to implement marketing programs, statistical surveys, as well as to play its services in the market by direct contact with the Buyer through various means, including mail, e-mail, telephone numbers, Internet rash but not limited to them, the Buyer gives his consent permission for IPmobile and its agents to process the Buyer’s personal data through an automated database.